Single flow rooftop heat pump with condensing gas boiler: EFFI+ CC+

ETT has developed a new generation of rooftop units: the EFFICIENCE range. This Eurovent certified range is the fruit of many years of experience in Ecodesign and modular heat pumps production.

EFFICIENCE range modular design offers you numerous possibilities. The EFFI+ CC+ is based on an EFFI+ packaged unit combined with a condensing
boilers module to adjust unit performance to the specificities and requirements of large volumes.

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20-year guarantee against corrosion

The EFFI+ CC+ is a NEW GENERATION single flow heat pump combined with one or more condensing boilers. This unit offers optimum air quality.
This rooftop unit combines the latest technological developments to ensure optimised energy consumption.

Thanks to its full aluminium structure (frame & casing) which ensures an excellent corrosion protection, this air conditioning system with gas heating is covered by a 20-year guarantee against corrosion.

This self-contained single flow rooftop unit with one or more condensing boilers is delivered ready to operate. The separate technical section facilitates service and control of the unit and allows measurement and adjustment during operation.
This reliable and highly resistant unit is recommended for large spaces and can be installed either on a rooftop or at ground level depending on your needs.

The unit operates as a reversible heat pump:

  • Source: outside air
  • Treated fluid: internal air

The CC+ module offers several operating modes:

The following modes are available on the CC+ module:

  • heat pump
  • air conditioner
  • Free cooling: cooling with outside air, without thermodynamics
  • heat pump + condensing boiler
  • condensing boiler


  • Heating mode: In winter, comfort temperature is maintained thanks to the thermodynamic system and the auxiliaries (optional).
  • Cooling mode: In summer, comfort temperature is maintained thanks to the thermodynamic system.
  • Heating with condensing boiler mode: In winter, comfort temperature is maintained thanks to the condensing boiler system.
  • Free Cooling mode: In mid-season, comfort temperature is maintained using in priority the difference between outside air and inside air to cool the building.
    Free Cooling allows considerable savings by delaying the use of thermodynamics.

The ETT packaged unit comprises 4 different sections:

  1. The external section allows thermal exchanges with the environment.
  2. The separate technical section houses the refrigeration components, the electrical board and the control components.
  3. The internal section ensures the air change and air treatment.
  4. The separate technical section houses the condensing boiler(s) and the control components.


Frame – Casing

  • Double skin, 13/10 AG in internal section, 50 mm
  • Motorised external damper for supply air (2006/42/EC Directive)


  • Technical section acoustic insulation using STOPFLAM flexible fire-proof polyurethane foam
  • Fresh air cowl sound insulation
  • Compressors acoustic jackets

Air handling

  • Filtration pressure gauge
  • Analog air flow controller (AFC), air flow rate indication and measurement
  • Filters fouling analogue control (FFAC)
  • Backed-up self-contained smoke detector
  • Fan epoxy coating
  • Supply air fan available pressure 400 Pa maxi
  • Operation in all recycling or all fresh air mode (not available for public access buildings)
  • G4 refillable filters, 98 mm thickness
  • 1 set of spare G4 filters, 98 mm thickness
  • G1 metal filters (23 mm thickness) in fresh air mode
  • F7 or F9 opacimetric filters, 98 mm thickness
  • G4 + F7 or F9 double filters (48 + 48 mm)
  • Exhaust air fan protection grid


  • HP and LP pressure gauges
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Cooling operation only
  • Refrigerant leak detection aid

Thermal exchangers

  • Recovery coil on food refrigeration (water)
  • Vinyl coating on recovery coil


  • Total electrical energy metering according to 2002/91/EC
  • Aluminium/copper connection terminal blocks (aluminium mandatory for power cables)
  • Soft starter (compressors current soft starter)
  • 230V/16 A single-phase socket in the technical section (separate power supply to be provided by the installer)


  • Mini fresh air slaving using turret contacts (2 maximum)
  • Year-round operation (allows compressor operation in cooling mode with -5°C < outside T° < +15°C)
  • Free Cooling banning based on specific humidity comparison
  • Hygrometry probe (for external humidifier control)
  • Average room temperature (4 probes)
  • ETT SRV (Variable Cooling System) control, compressor with electronic expansion valves.


  • Aluminium adjustable connection roof curb
  • Aluminium adjustable adaptation roof curb
  • Aluminium adjustable ventilated roof curb
  • Aluminium ventilated adaptation roof curb
  • Aluminium plenum for return air and supply air
  • 200 or 400 mm aluminium feet


  • Expansion valve 300 mbar – 20 mbar
  • Safety gas box with glass window (mandatory for PAB)
  • Gas meter


iso 9001iso 14001